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Core Team

Founded in London by Natalie Turner and Carl Hinds in July 2006, Entheo has now, since 2010, been Head Quartered in Singapore.

A former Innovation Director in a large research agency, Natalie realised that one of the main barriers to innovation was not always the lack of good ideas, but the lack of clear innovation management processes and practical tools that could help organisations cultivate the skills, mind-sets and cultures to support innovative ways of thinking and working.

Entheo works as a Network, bringing in core expertise and support where required. This ensures that our clients receive the best value and expertise for their Programmes and Projects.


Natalie Turner Founder, CEO

Natalie is the Founder of Entheo and has a background in marketing, business strategy and leadership development. She has worked for and consulted with some of the world’s leading organisations including American Express, Singapore Airlines, LEO Pharma, Coca Cola, Cisco Systems and IKEA.

An experienced business facilitator, trainer and coach; Natalie works to unlock the potential of organisations and people to help them create new products and services whilst focusing on the development of innovation skills, capabilities and culture. With over twenty years of corporate leadership and consultancy experience, working in entrepreneurial start-ups, corporate incubators and as the former Head of British Telecom’s Internet Strategy, Natalie is passionate about the application of ideas into tangible, practical and operational results.

Natalie has three degrees; a BA Hons in Politics, an MSc in Economics and Social Psychology and an MBA. She is also a Master Practitioner in Group Dynamics and Non-Verbal Communication.


Carl Hinds Co-Founder, Finance Director

Co-Founder of Entheo, Carl has over twenty years’ experience working in the arts and creative industries in a variety of financial management roles. Focused on developing a strong platform for sustainable growth, Carl is a specialist in creating and maintaining financial management, operations and IT systems.

Prior to working for The Entheo Network he worked as a management and project accountant for the Barbican Arts Centre in London. He also acted as a financial consultant for the UK Government within the educational sector and schools across London.

His specialism is in working with entrepreneurial ventures setting up and maintaining financial and operational support systems.


Shoba Chandran Director, Asia Pacific

Having served as a management consultant, trainer and facilitator for more than ten years, Shoba is an experienced facilitator and trainer in the fields of innovation, creativity and leadership development.

Shoba has worked with a variety of organisations across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Shoba regularly provides consultancy services to help develop cultures that enhance an organisation’s ability to innovate.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of New South Wales, Australia as well as a Post-Graduate diploma in Science, majoring in Psychology from the University of Sydney.


Michael Gold Director, Europe

Michael is a passionate facilitator, coach and trainer, with particular expertise in how cultures of creativity develop within organisations. He has experience working across corporate, public and not-for-profit companies in a variety of industry sectors and is experienced in working with behavioural and mindset change within groups.

A natural influencer, Michael engages others with passion and enthusiasm, while encouraging lateral thinking and big picture strategic perspectives.

He has degrees in Law and an MA in Integrative Psychotherapy and has a background as a clinical psychotherapist.

What does Entheo mean?

Our modern word “enthusiasm” comes from the root word “Entheo” which literally means to be within energy. When organisations and teams are in alignment behind a clear strategic direction, energy is released. This helps to create lasting and impactful results.

Our Network

Dr. Karen Stephenson

Corporate Anthropologist

Dr Karen Stephenson was hailed in Business 2.0 as “The Organization Woman”. She is a corporate anthropologist and leading thinker in the growing field of Social Network Analysis (SNA).

Dr. Stephenson is a former professor at Harvard School of Design and UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management and was awarded a Ph.D. in Anthropology at Harvard University.

Entheo partners with Dr. Stephenson and her award winning company Netform, to help forward thinking companies grasp the complexities of how to develop more innovative cultures.

Charlie Ang

Futures Thinker and Technology Analyst

Charlie Ang is an entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant in the area of futures thinking, innovation and disruptive technologies. He is the Founding President of The Innovators Institute, a professional development centre, global expert resource and peer support network for Innovation. Charlie is the Co-Founder of The Innovators Network, an open platform in Singapore that inspires, energizes, and connects innovators across industries, professions and organisations.

Previously, Charlie was the Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) at First Media Group, a regional communications, design and educational group based in Singapore. As an entrepreneur, Charlie co-founded several start-ups, including a high tech venture that raised $ 5 million capital and grew to 80 staff. He made one successful exit to a HR group.

He received his MBA from the NUS Business School and BSc (First Class) Honours in Computer Science from University of Manchester, UK. Charlie completed strategic futures and innovation executive programmes at Singularity University in Silicon Valley, Oxford University’s Said Business School and Stanford University. Entheo work as a Partner with Charlie at the Innovators Institute.

Teck Kwang

Facilitator and Trainer

Teck Kwang is an Organizational Development catalyst whose passion is to help organizations & people learn and grow. He is an experienced facilitator and trainer who is skilful at harnessing group diversity, and empowering people to co-create innovative solutions.

He facilitates learning through a repertoire of methodologies such as Experiential Learning, Action Learning and Brain-based Learning. Known for creating fun & engaging multi-sensory workshops, Teck Kwang helps individuals and groups shift their attitudes and mind-sets whilst helping them tackle complex business or organisational problems.

Teck Kwang has a Masters of Science in Industrial & System Engineering and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering both from the National University of Singapore.

Lilian Ing

Individual and Organisational Coach

Lilian Ing is a multi-faceted consultant psychologist, Lilian has extensive international experience in the fields of organisational development, change management and coaching. She is equally skilled in developing individuals, teams or organisations to focus their energy, creativity and performance on achieving their goals.

She draws on her line management experience as a marketer and partner in a management consultancy working with leaders in multi nationals and small and medium sized businesses across a full spectrum of industries. Thriving in making sense of complex, diverse and often messy situations, Lilian helps to intuitively understand and enable people to develop the capabilities and cultures required to excel.

Lilian has two degrees: A BA Hons (Psychology) and an MA (Clinical Psychology). She also holds post-graduate qualifications in marketing, organisational development and executive coaching. She is a life long learner.

Dr. Gilles Spony

Consultant Advisor

Dr. Spony is a pioneering thinker and innovator in understanding how national culture affects the decision making of leaders. Forecasting the boom of current issues in cross-cultural mergers and acquisitions and the management of cross-cultural teams, Dr.Spony developed the Spony Profiling Model (SPM) aimed at analysing the impact of personality and cultural differences on managers’ leadership styles within the modern work context.

His model represents a truly innovative step to adapt traditional personality profiling to the modern context of internationalisation and globalisation.

Dr. Spony also works with Entheo as a consultant advisor in the development of the Six ‘I’s of Innovation® profiling assessments.

Andy Bruce

Innovation Management Expert

Andy Bruce is the CEO of Softools – developers of the world’s most advanced Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) where simple and complex web-based business applications are designed and deployed in hours using ‘zero coding’.

Entheo works closely with Softools to ensure innovation performance improvement is optimised, thereby maximising business, operational and financial impact. Clients include many of the world’s leading corporations including: Coca Cola, Vodafone, IBM and KPMG – each deploying the platform and suite of ‘apps’ to deliver multi-million dollar business outcomes.

Andy has an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management and a BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton. He is also an international author and has had eight books on business management published.

Dr. Neil Gains

Brand & Sensory Marketing Specialist

Dr. Neil Gains is an expert in human and cultural psychology, and a pioneer in sensory marketing. He is also a professional facilitator and trainer and runs regular public and private coaching and training sessions for Asian businesses. Neil has a doctorate in psychology and sensory science.

He worked in Research and Development and sensory research for Cadbury Schweppes for more than ten years before managing the Asia Pacific Innovation practice for AMI (now Synovate).

Neil is the author of the book Brand esSence using sense, symbol and story to design brand identity and has been the Managing Partner of TapestryWorks, his own business, since 2010. Neil works with Entheo as a brand and marketing specialist.

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