Creating environments to unleash innovation


Helping you create new ideas

  • – Products
  • – Services
  • – Performance



Helping you build culture

  • – Skills
  • – Mind-Sets
  • – Capabilities


The Book

YES, YOU CAN INNOVATE, written by Natalie Turner, Founder and CEO of the Entheo Network, is a practical how-to-guide to help you develop your innovation strengths. Use the free online profile to discover your strengths and improve your ability to create value out of new ideas.

  • IDENTIFY opportunities by understanding trends, patterns and future areas of growth
  • IGNITE ideas by creating novel solutions
  • INVESTIGATE by prototyping, testing and researching ideas
  • INVEST by having the courage to create business models and persuade others
  • IMPLEMENT by making an idea happen and creating value from it
  • IMPROVE by optimising your ideas and learning from success and failure


About Entheo

The Entheo Network is a leadership innovation company that provides consultancy and training services to help individuals and organisations create new products and services whilst building innovation skills, capabilities and culture.

Our clients come from a range of industries including Pharmaceutical, IT, Media and Financial Services as well as Public Sector organisations and fast growing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Thoughts from our CEO

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